Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Mommy Home Alone

Sometimes I really like being home alone. I enjoy pampering myself and just taking my time. I get a glass of wine

and light some candles. I start by putting on some lingree and start touching myself. I gently pinch my nipples

and then touch my now wet pussy. I like to tease it with my fingers and then I use my favorite dildo. I usually think
of some young guy I've dated. I just love my boy candy. You young guys really knkow how to fuck. You always have a
nice hard cock to fuck me silly.

After I cum a few times I rest and get my little black book gotta giggle. I now want the real thing. I look through the pages noting which is the better lover, and I give him a call. He comments on how
sultry my voice sounds. Laughing to myself because I sound that way from cumming so many times. I invite him
over and he accepts. I'm feeling really excited and I junp into the shower thinking about how good he is in bed. How he always takes his time and how he fucks me all kinds of different ways. I just put on some
lingree like he loves and I feel my pussy getting wet again.
He attives and starts kissing my mouth, my neck while
carrying me to the bedroom. He's touching my pussy through my wet panties. He removes them and starts licking my juicy cunt as I can't help but cum. He loves me
to cum like that and licks up my pussy juice. I unzip his
pants and take them off, his shirt too. Just looking at his

cock is driving me crazy. I have to have it in my mouth. I lick his swollen balls and up his shaft. I then slide my lips down over his throbbing cock. I'm so crazy for it I'm able to
take it deep into the back of my throat. I savor the taste of his pre-cum. I even rub some
on his lips and lick and kiss it off. He can take no more and lays me back on the bed and
slides his cock into my slick wet cunt. I fuck him hard and wild. I ride him letting his cock
hit my G-spot I scream in climax and release cunt juice all over his hard cock. Then I feel
him squirting his sweet cum into my snatch. You guys are the best. Give an older lady a
try, I'll just bet you will love the way we treat you. We take our time enjoying your body and we really do enjoy a hot blow job, and we swallow. Its so sexy. We enjoy the way your body taste. It drives us nuts. Call me and cum with me. I'll get you off like nobody else.

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